11 February
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imagine rural new jersey sometime in the early nineties. two classmates with mutual friends would begin a musical project that would expire upon graduation, but would spark the inception of something larger than either of them could ever imagine.

both friends parted at graduation with plans to stay in touch, but life and other things thrown their way made it difficult. every other year or so they would contact one another and sip some coffee at the nearby perkins restaurant, unassumingly sharing stories and amusing events that had happened in their lives.

this weak correspondence continued for a few years with both carlo and dina pursuing musical projects in different parts of the country. both had improved their taste in music since high school and found that they shared many of the same musical influences. in fact, they found that through time and space they had grown more similar to each other than ever before.

they began to correspond through email and eventually formed a relationship that brought dina to los angeles.

and this is where the music begins...

jerseyturnpike is:
carlo dean and dina carpenito

we also regularly collaborate with many other musicians, including (most frequently) greg burns, sky grealis, jessica schaeffer and others. we're currently working on our next album, which will feature more of our incredibly talented friends.

our debut full-length (featuring jessica schaeffer on double strung harp) is available at www.cdbaby.com/jerseyturnpike and www.drunkdog.com (for cheaper shipping to europe).